Born in Nara Prefecture, Japan, on November 15, 1975. Soon moved to Miyagi.
Entered Meijigakuin University, Tokyo in 1995. Majored in English Literature. Graduated in 1999.
Ever since junior high school days, with a long cherishing dream to be a successful Rock guitarist/singer and composer, having dedicated in songwriting, performing music until 2007, decided on giving up the first dream.
Soon started self-taught drawing and painting as the alternative form of expression.
Having rapidly developed the passion and love for creating 2 dimensional visual art, started sharing his work on SNS sites such as Myspace, Facebook, receiving worldwide offers of magazine features, contracts with gallery, publisher, etc…
Representing art in galleries, group shows and solo shows since 2008.
Has private collectors in USA, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Italy until today.

Maruike House, Tokyo, JAPAN 2012
Expo Art Fair, Tielt, BELGIUM 2011
with遊, Tokyo, JAPAN 2010
21:an, Eskilstuna, SWEDEN 2010
FineArte Gallery, London, UK 2009